Introducing The New Brand: Pixel

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We are so excited to have finally launched the new website and brand: Pixel 🎉.

Why the change?

It seems like a lot of businesses struggle to invest in themselves to help growth happen. We’ve grown so much over the last few years of operating that we just felt like it was a must to change our brand and public face to something that more accurately describes who we are and what we do.

This refresh consisted of us asking ourselves two really hard questions:

  • What does the new brand look like?
  • What services do we want this new brand to offer?

Very early on in the brainstorming phase of this new brand; we knew that we wanted to adjust our offerings to shift our focus onto servicing a small subset of clients so that we knew, we were bringing our best selves to the table every time.

Shifting our focus and message

We’ve had the pleasure of working with clients in just about every phase of business growth, so we’ve had the opportunity to see behind the curtains of some of the businesses, which has led us to become frustrated and even heartbroken, that many of our clients come to us with negative past experiences of digital agencies, and that is something we’re passionate about changing.

We felt that there was no better way to prove to our clients that we stay at the top of our game, than treating ourselves like a client and doing what we would do for any client of our own!

We love eCommerce and custom solutions

eCommerce through and through, using Shopify as our leading platform. Whether you have an existing and successful brick and mortar business that you’re interested in converting to a viable eCommerce business or are looking to set up a completely new business, the team here at Pixel can help. Setting up an online store can feel like quite an intimidating task if you are completely new to it. When you have worked on the design and creation of as many online stores, their sites, and the marketing of them, as we have, you really start to understand the ins and outs and the tiny little quirks that exist in this industry.

Bespoke custom solutions - this is our signature offering and the one we feel really differs us from other agencies. We believe that as all companies and brands are different, so too are their web application and app needs. Although the commercial software solutions out there are normally very convenient, they can often stunt the growth of your business.

Rather than trying to make our template fit your needs, we will design and develop a solution that matches your needs from the ground up.

Fresh look with the same heart

Look, just because we refreshed our beauty on the outside and locked down on our services, doesn’t mean the digital agency you once knew is gone. In fact, it is just the opposite. The soul of our agency lives on, stronger than ever because we’ve repurposed and re-aligned with our values and goals.

The truth is, sometimes we ask our clients to make difficult business decisions in order to tackle huge challenges, and now we know ourselves what that looks like after making these pretty difficult decisions ourselves.

We’re ready for whats next, are you?

We’re now riding the high of a successful rebrand and looking to turn this energy into a great return on investment for our clients.

We’d love to chat and see how we could make your customers’ experiences even more beautiful on your stores, or perhaps you have identified some functionality your store is lacking? Let’s chat and grab a coffee.

Get in touch with us here, or if you prefer, skip the pesky contact form and book a free chat right into our calendar, and let’s do this.

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