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Project Overview

We managed to generate an 83% ROI through brand engagement and tactical upsells to improve user flow through the website to increase average order value by $23 in just over two months.

A design and UX refresh for a popular online clothing retailer doing great things in the fashion space.

Family-owned business Khlassik was created over 25-years ago. Originally developed as Classic Spirit, the business has evolved to become one of the most highly regarded fashion retail spaces in Sydney’s North Shore. Attracting top tier profiles and clientele the business celebrates high circulation fashion, travel, and lifestyle collaborations in print, digital and online.


The Challenge

Although the business had an enviable market position and impressive client list, their online retail offer was not performing as well as the team had hoped. They needed to increase customer’s average order values, and also improve other critical metrics which suggested that website visitors tended to have low dwell times and often dropped off the home page. These factors meant that sales volumes, as well as sales values, were much lower than the team felt they should be.

Our Approach

Khlassik asked us to help because they were impressed by our proven track record of success improving ROIs within the ecommerce retail sector. As with many of our projects we started this work by taking a step back and looking at the Khlassik ecommerce store from a different perspective, focussing on the user experience (UX) ad user interface (UI) to entice people to the website, to keep them engaged and increase their dwell time, and to subsequently achieve sales conversions.

Our Solution

Our initial review of the sites UX and UI highlighted a number of issues that required fixing, and which directly impacted on the information and experience offered to website visitors. While many of these changes were small and incremental, there were three particularly significant opportunities where we could make impactful changes:

Consumers want to feel engaged with a brand and to see those brand values communicated across a website. Khlassik’s home page didn’t sustain the firm’s style and branding. Addressing this issue would engage visitors with the business, building a relationship and engaging potential customers with the firm’s unique story. This helps to convert visitors as they better understand and believe in the firm’s brand.

We also identified opportunities to improve the overall appearance of the home page, with unique images and deign layouts carefully designed to keep visitors interested and decrease the number of drop-offs. By engaging customers in great front-page content, they stay longer and explore further.

Finally, we tackled the problem of low average order values by using strategically positioned pop-ups across the site. These featured promotions and discounts and were designed as upselling tools to encourage purchases and highlight similar products that customer might also want to add to their cart.

The Results

We have achieved some phenomenal results from this project. After just two months of our work being completed the client has seen a $23 increase in average order value, from an average order value of $120 to $143.

Over the past three months the business has achieved 626 orders each month. Factoring in the increased average spend we are able to demonstrate that we have helped our client achieve a total return on investment of $28k – that’s an 83% return on investment!

The changes that we made to the home page, together with some page speed updates, has reduced home page drop-offs by 34% and increased average page dwell times from 1:23 to 2:54, delivering a monthly average increase of 242 orders. That’s an additional $11k in revenue.

"Pixel have already blown our expectations out of the water with great results in a really short timeframe. We’re really excited to see some of these results compound during sales periods and really see how far we can take the store by re-investing some of these returns."
Kate Reynolds

Managing Director

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