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Custom Web Application Development

A Tailor-Built Solution

At Pixel, we specialize in custom web applications. We believe that as all companies and brands are different, so too are their digital needs. Although the commercial software solutions out there are normally very convenient, they can often stunt the growth of your business by holding back true potential.

Rather than trying to make a prebuilt template fit your needs, we design and develop custom tailored solutions that match your businesses needs from the ground up.

Custom web applications Brisbane

Benefits of a custom solution

When you choose to work with our team here at Pixel to design and create a custom web solution, you gain a variety of great benefits, including:

Secure Return on Investment

Although software and websites that are made using templates can meet some of your more immediate needs, as your needs and requirements grow and expand, a very rigid solution is unlikely to help your business grow. With our custom solutions, however, you can get a site or software that will grow and can be adjusted as and when is necessary at a less painful cost.


One of the biggest problems with templates and off-the-shelf solutions is that accomplished hackers easily find weaknesses and can exploit them. With custom solutions, this is less of a worry, as it is harder for hackers to find a way in with software and websites that are custom built and designed with your business in mind.


We don't create solutions that hold back growth. We only create hand-crafted software that help our clients scale. That's just one of the many unique benefits to custom web applications made by us.

Recent Projects

These are just a few of the happy clients that we've created custom solutions for in recent times.

Dress for Dignity

A multi-vendor eCommerce platform powering a world-first vision of a fashionate place where people can unite together and sell their pre-loved, quality fashion items to help build a deeper sense of community.

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Dress for Dignity Custom Web Application

Web Application FAQs

We get quite a lot of questions about our Brisbane Web Application development, so we've compiled a list to answer those burning questions.

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