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Project Overview

A $52 increase in average order value, now sitting at an impressive $189. With an additional 120 more orders each month and 23% less drop-offs.

Classic but timeless resort-wear staples that are ready to wear night & day.

Coast Clothing Co. is Australian owned, and the collections are Australian designed. Underwear and sleepwear products are manufactured using 100% soft and sustainable packaging has also been introduced to make a positive impact on the environment. By 2023 the business plans to be a fully sustainable brand.


The Challenge

Our client was keen to improve their average order values through their online retail offer. This has been a perennial challenge and the team’s efforts to try different promotions and cross sells haven’t delivered sustainable results, even if there have been short-term uplifts in sales figures.

Our Approach

Our reputation preceded us, and this client got in touch because of our track record of success delivering results for ecommerce stores! Using our time-proven, data driven approach we reviewed the firm’s ecommerce performance, their visitor’s user experience (UE) and the user interface the business has created (UI).

Our Solution

Our initial review of the website revealed a number of issues that needed to be addressed. Most notably, the home page was very generic and lacked personalisation. In a world where consumers really want to engage with brands it was important to develop a website home page that builds a relationship with visitors. This really helps with buyer psychology and helps to encourage website visitors to believe in the brand, form an association with the business and make more purchases.

Part of our work on the home page focussed on the creation of content about the business, featuring a blurb about the business and adding important, consumer relevant brand-selling stories. Placing an emphasis on the firm’s environmental credentials was critical to success, as it reinforces brand values and demonstrates a concern for the environment.

Once we had addressed issues around content and visitor engagement, we started to focus on improving conversion and sales order values. Using data and business insight we implemented cross-selling tactics using cross-sell sections in the cart. Our objective here focussed on items worth $80 or more with a 20% discount to increase average order values by $65.

The Results

Three months after completing this project our client was seeing an average order value $52 higher than it had been (previously $137, now $189), and these were consistent results. Equally impressive are the sustained improvements in sales since we completed the project, with 1,320 orders every month on average. These figures equate to a total return on investment of 23%, worth $145k.

We were also able to achieve some other overall improvements, with 120 more orders every month worth an average of $49 each and a 23% reduction in home page drop-offs due to improvements in page loading speeds.

"Pixel have so far done an absolutely great job with our store. Increasing our average order value and reducing home page drop offs with ease. Would recommend these guys to anyone who wants to take their store seriously."
Rhys Walker


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