How to Choose the Best eCommerce Platform for Your Business

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Choosing an eCommerce platform is one of the hardest decisions any online business will face. This post covers what you need and how to choose one.

Choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business can be a very difficult decision.

There are many different platforms available, and each one has its own unique set of features, but how do you know what features you truly need? And, more importantly, which platform will best suit your business?

Let's find out.

What should you consider when choosing an eCommerce platform?

To help you make the best decision for your online business, we’ve compiled a list of things you should consider when choosing an eCommerce platform:

  1. The size of your business
  2. Your budget
  3. The features you need
  4. The customer support offered by the platform
  5. The platform’s reputation

Let's dive into each one.

The size of your business

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an eCommerce platform is the size of your business.

Are you a small business with only a few products?

Or are you a larger business with hundreds or even thousands of products?

The size of your business will determine the amount of traffic your website can handle and the number of orders you can process.

If you’re a small business, you may not need the same features as a larger business, so it’s important to choose a platform that’s scalable so you can grow into it.

Your budget

How much are you willing to spend on an eCommerce platform?

There are many different options available, from free platforms to those that cost thousands of dollars per month.

It’s important to find a platform that fits your budget both now and in the future.

The features you need

When choosing an eCommerce platform, it’s important to consider the features you need for your business.

Do you need a platform that offers inventory management?

Or do you need a platform that integrates with your accounting software?

Make a list of the features you need and keep it handy for the rest of the post.

The customer support offered by the platform

Customer support is important when choosing any type of software, but it’s especially important when choosing an eCommerce platform.

You need to know that you can contact someone if you have any problems with the platform.

Look for a platform that offers live chat, email support, or even phone support.

Bonus points for platforms that offer you an account manager or sales representative.

The platform’s reputation

When choosing an eCommerce platform, it’s important to consider the platform’s reputation.

How long has the platform been around?

What do other businesses think of the platform?

You can read reviews of the different platforms online to get an idea of their reputations.

What you need from a platform to run a successful online store

When choosing an eCommerce platform for your business, there are a few key features you need:


When choosing an ecommerce platform, ease of use should be one of your top priorities. After all, you'll be the one managing your store on a day-to-day basis, so you'll want to be able to do so without any technical expertise or assistance from a development team. Look for a platform with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. You should be able to add and edit products, manage inventory, process orders, and more with just a few clicks. In addition, try to find a platform that offers 24/7 customer support in case you run into any issues. By choosing a platform that's easy to use, you'll be able to focus on running your business instead of struggling with technical problems.


Aesthetics are important for any business, but they're especially important for businesses that sell products online. A store's appearance is often the first thing that a potential customer notices, and it can be a deciding factor in whether or not they make a purchase. That's why it's essential to have a platform that offers a wide range of customization options. With so many options to choose from, you can create a store that looks unique and reflects your brand. You can also experiment with different looks to find one that resonates with your customers. A well-designed store is an essential part of running a successful business.


When you're looking for an eCommerce platform to power your online store, it's important to find one that offers all the features and functionality you need to be successful. After all, there's no point in signing up for a platform that doesn't provide everything you need to run your business. Some of the essential features you should look for include product pages, shopping carts, payment processing, shipping, and customer service. If a platform doesn't offer all of these things, it's probably not worth your time or money. By contrast, a platform that offers all of these features (and more) is likely to be a good investment for your business. So when you're comparing eCommerce platforms, make sure to check out their feature lists to see if they have everything you need. Functionality should be at the top of your list of priorities.

Wide Range of Features

As your business grows, you'll need a platform that can grow with you. The platform should offer a wide range of features so that you can customize it to meet your changing needs. Look for a platform that offers features like powerful automation tools, advanced reporting and analytics, and integrations with third-party apps and services. With the right platform in place, you'll be able to scaling your business quickly and efficiently.


As the world of eCommerce continues to grow, security is becoming an increasingly important concern for businesses and consumers alike. Every day, we hear stories about data breaches and identity theft, and it's clear that traditional security measures are no longer enough to protect us from the ever-growing threat of cybercrime. That's why it's so important for businesses to choose an ecommerce platform that offers robust security features. Look for a platform that offers end-to-end encryption, secure payment processing, and fraud detection and prevention. By taking these steps, you can help ensure that your business is protected from the threats of today's digital world.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an important consideration for any online platform. Essentially, SEO is a set of techniques that are used to improve the visibility of a website in search engine results pages. In other words, it helps people to find your site more easily. There are many different factors that go into SEO, but some of the most important include the use of keywords and phrases, the structure of your website, and the quality of your content. By making sure that your platform is good at SEO, you can help to ensure that more people will be able to find and use your site.

By choosing a platform with these key features, you can be sure that you're getting the best possible solution for your business.

There are many different eCommerce platforms available, and each one has its own unique set of features.

The majority of online businesses will use one of the most popular platforms due to the enormous community support available.

These popular platforms are:


Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms used by many businesses.

It offers a wide range of features and tools to help businesses sell online.

Shopify also provides a comprehensive set of resources to help businesses succeed. One of the key features of Shopify is its built-in payments system which allows online stores to accept credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of payment.

Shopify also offers a number of marketing and advertising tools to help businesses promote their products and services. In addition, they also provide a number of resources to help businesses with shipping, fulfillment, and customer service.


Bigcommerce provides users with an easy way to create and manage an online store. The platform offers all of the standard features, like product management, order management, shipping, payments, and more.

Bigcommerce offers users a variety of designer templates to choose from, as well as the ability to customize their store using HTML and CSS. While there is a monthly fee for using Bigcommerce, the platform provides users with a free trial period, giving them the opportunity to try out the platform before committing to a paid subscription.


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to turn your WordPress site into an eCommerce store. It is a free and open-source plugin, and it is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the web.

WooCommerce is a highly customizable platform, and it offers a wide range of features. You can use WooCommerce to sell physical products, digital products, or even services. It also supports multiple payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers.


Magento is another popular eCommerce platform that offers a wide range of features and benefits.

For businesses, it provides a flexible and scalable solution for creating an online store. Magento also offers a strong SEO foundation, which can help to increase traffic and boost sales. It also comes with a built-in CMS system that makes it easy to create and manage content.

For developers, Magento provides a robust API that can be used to extend the functionality of the platform. Overall, Magento is a powerful eCommerce solution that can help businesses to succeed online.


Opencart is a popular choice for many businesses.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is that it is free and open source, making it easy to set up and customize. Opencart also has a wide range of features, including support for multiple languages and currencies, product reviews and ratings, and discounts and coupons.

However, one downside of Opencart is that it can be less reliable than some of the other options on the market.

Why we suggest using Shopify for your online business

One platform we see a lot of companies using at the moment is Shopify, and for good reason.

There are many benefits of using Shopify for your online store. It's suitable for businesses of all sizes and has a wide range of features. It's also very easy to use, which makes it a good choice for beginners.

Shopify offers excellent customer support, with 24/7 phone and chat support, as well as a comprehensive knowledge base and curated list of knowledgable and approved Shopify partners.

Shopify partners who have been approved through the Shopify partner program. This partner network means you are getting Shopify developers who have worked for many online stores before.

Shopify also has a wide range of apps available, which can be used to add extra features to your online store. There are apps for accounting, marketing, shipping, and much more. This means you can tailor the Shopify platform to suit the specific needs of your online store.

Some of the most popular apps available on Shopify include:

  • Sprout Social - Sprout is an app that allows Shopify stores to manage social media accounts from one place. It's great for businesses that want to save time by managing their social media presence from one central location.
  • SendOwl - SendOwl is an app that allows you to sell digital products from your Shopify store. It's perfect for businesses that sell ebooks, software, or other digital products.
  • QuickBooks - QuickBooks is an app that allows you to manage your finances from one place. It's great for businesses that want to save time by managing their financial affairs from one central location.
  • Google Analytics - Google Analytics is a free app that allows you to track the performance of your Shopify store. It's perfect for businesses that want to improve their store's performance and get insights into their customers' behavior.
  • Yoast SEO - Yoast is a popular app that allows you to optimize your Shopify online store for search engines. It's perfect for businesses that want to improve their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Shopify has an amazing full range of offerings, making it a good choice for businesses of all sizes.

Another one of the benefits is the comprehensive customer support. Many eCommerce platforms don't offer the same level of customer support, so this is definitely something to consider if you're looking for a platform for your business.

All in all, Shopify is a great choice for businesses of all sizes wanting to run an online store.

The Final Word

When it comes down to it, there is no one one-size-fits-all platform — there’s only the solution that best suits your ecommerce business. Every company has different priorities for ecommerce features, whether it’s more payment options, dropshipping capabilities, real-time inventory management or a user-friendly interface, so the “best” platform for you will be the one that meets your specific needs.

Take your time evaluating your options, and don’t be afraid to take advantage of free trials to test out each platform’s unique features and advantages.

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