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Project Overview

A multi-vendor eCommerce platform powering a world-first vision of a fashionate place where people can unite together and sell their pre-loved, quality fashion items to help build a deeper sense of community.

A hand-crafted custom solution to power the world's first fashionate platform for charity. We strongly believe in supporting people in need, and women experiencing period poverty is no exception, so when Share the Dignity came to Pixel and told us what their vision was, we just had to jump right in and get involved.

Dress for Dignity is a new world for online shopping, a fashionate place where people can unite together and sell their pre-loved, quality fashion items to help build a deeper sense of community. We give back for every sale with 100% of proceeds donated directly to Share the Dignity charity supporting women and girls experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, or doing it tough.

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Share the Dignity aims to make a difference in the lives of women and girls who are experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence and doing it tough by putting an end to period poverty in Australia.

They saw an opportunity to not only do good for the world, but to create an Australian-first marketplace to allow people from all over the country to list their unused clothing and have the proceeds go directly to the charity.


We originally investigated our options utilising a very popular eCommerce platform - Shopfiy. We looked at creating a custom app to extend the current features of Shopify to support such a build, but ultimately, due to the complexity of some of the requirements, we had to settle with a custom solution.

We love building custom solutions to solve complex requirements, and so we leaped at the opportunity to showcase the skills of our Laravel developers.


Our developers feel right at home working within Laravel, which made our technical meeting a breeze.

We knew from our eCommerce experience and initial conversations with Share the Dignity that we needed to build a custom solution that supported:

  1. A fluid and responsive cart supporting mutliple items from the same seller
  2. Allow customers to upload images and have the website scale these images to a responsible size
  3. Integrate AusPost to have the system send the sellers prepaid shipping labels

We developed a cutting-edge tech stack which has seen 100% uptime on the platform with the ability to do zero-downtime deployments - meaning the website is always available.

We came up with a three-phase delivery plan which saw the first phase being the website that a customer would see, the second being the admin panel, and third being the testing period.


The results and support for the platform has been incredible. Launch day for checkout saw a peak concurrent user count of 4.1k users browsing the platform completely uninterrupted.

With over 30 orders, and 350 listings, already seeing an additional revenue of $2k from the platform in just under 2 weeks.

The platform has seen zero downtime with multiple deployments since going live, expanding on the already incredible platform.

With the current trends, Share the Dignity is expecting to see a 100% ROI by month two, and turning over an amazing six-figure profit for women in need.

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