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Project Overview

A custom eCommerce solution in Laravel, built from the ground up orchestrating a remarkable sales surge, elevating the business to new heights.

Project Stats


new subscriptions in the first month


ROI in the first month


drop in infrastructure costs ($1k+ to ~$190)

Nourish'd are raising the standard of delivered meals.

The food delivery industry is experiencing huge growth, which is why Nourish'd chose Pixel to be the agency to transform the online digital experience their customers receive. The challenge for us, to deliver the best food delivery website in Australia.

  • Beating existing food delivery competition
  • Solving the lack of detailed subscription management on existing food delivery websites
  • Increasing the value of being on a subscription, to increase retention and recurring revenue
Cannabis Website Laravel Website Build


Nourish'd's previous website was causing lots of frustration for not only their staff, but also their customers. Lacking the ability to properly manage their subscription, see delivery dates, manage payment methods, and more. It was clear that the website was not rewarding customers for being on a subscription in any way.

The challenge here was two-fold for Pixel. First, we had to reinstill confidence in the Nourish'd team that they could once again have a fully functional website allowing their customers to manage their subscription and giving the business freedom to grow.

Secondly, create an entire new solution unlocking cutting-edge features the company had been wanting implemented for years. Solutions, really not yet seen in the food delivery space.

Needless to say, we jumped at this opportunity to create shockwaves in the industry.


The existing website was built on Shopify Plus, which allowed them to spin up a robust solution quickly by utilising all that Shopify has to offer. We knew to implement the features Nourish'd wanting, that we'd have to make the difficult decision to move away from Shopify.

We knew that Laravel could support their growth and needs for many years to come, and help them to be pioneers in the food delivery space.


We completed the build using cutting-edge technology to allow the company to grow in the future and never be restricted by technology.

Laravel + TailwindCSS is a widely used combination of technologies that allows for performance, scalability, and no tech-debt.

We implemented a solution, which overall gave:

  1. A smooth and clean checkout experience that educated customers
  2. A beautiful subscription management experience, fully managed from head to toe.
  3. Next level marketing tools, such as multiple order discounts, and complex automatic discounts
  4. Complex Klaviyo events allowing Nourish'd to educate and nurture customers on their journey

Hosted on AWS, with monitoring and server maintenance managed by us, we've seen an incredible 100% uptime in the past 2 months.


The results and support for the platform has been incredible.

We successfully migrated all of Nourishd's data from Shopify, giving existing customers a compeltely uninterrupted experience.

With over 322 new subscriptions since launch 2 months ago, resulting in an additional ~$25,000 in revenue.

With the current trend, Nourish'd is expecting to see a 78% ROI by month three, and turning over an amazing six-figure profit on the new build.

The platform has seen zero downtime with multiple deployments since going live, expanding on the already incredible platform.

"Joel and the Pixel team are constantly coming to us with recommendations for improvement and innovation based on research, experience, and best practice, and have been instrumental in bringing to life the vision I have for my company."

Abbey Cameron


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