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Project Overview

A custom eCommerce solution in Laravel, empowering a game-changing medicinal cannabis startup with a conformant custom solution, propelling them to over $1.3m in sales in their first year.

Project Stats


active pharmacies


registered doctors


raw sales in 12 months

Cannabis Warehouse are closing the gap between pharmacists and brands.

The Medicinal Cannabis industry is booming in Australia, with many new legally approved products hitting the market for patients to access. Up until the launch of Cannabis Warehouse, there was no easy way for pharmacists to have access to all of these products for patients, in just a year they've:

  • Connected thousands of pharmacists with brands and distributors
  • Created a clean and easy to use platform for pharmacists to order
  • Created a platform for brands to showcase their products and connect with pharmacists and distributors
Cannabis Website Laravel Website Build


The biggest challenge with a platform in this industry is achieving conformance. A platform storing thousands of orders and products with sensitive data requires a certain level of security and compliance.

Not only did we need to achieve conformance, but we also needed to ensure the platform was simple, yet usable for pharmacies to do bulk orders for groups of patients. They'd need access to past orders to quickly reorder medications, and stored doctor information through a repository on the platform to aid in the ordering process.

We were more than happy to take on this challenge with our team of Laravel developers who constantly achieve security compliance through testing and best practices.

Pixel is the only web design agency in Australia that takes on projects like this, and we don't just treat you like a customer.


With no existing platforms in the industry, we had to start the planning from scratch. We worked closely with the team at Cannabis Warehouse and after a few months of meeting, we knew the tech stack and features that would be required to make this platform a success.

Laravel, and the better-known stack of TailwindCSS and Livewire were the perfect fit for this project. We knew they would allow us to create a clean and elegant solution that was not only easy to use but also easy to maintain.


TALL Stack encompasses the best of the best in the Laravel ecosystem. It's a collection of libraries consisting of, TailwindCSS for styling, Laravel for the backend, and Livewire + AlpienJS for the frontend.

This stack enables us to develop a custom solution that has very little page refreshes, and enables a very smooth user experience through small refreshes and animations.

We implemented a solution, which overall gave:

  1. A clean UI/UX experience that allowed pharmacies to order in a few clicks
  2. A beautiful account management portal for one click re-ordering, and account management
  3. Integrated Klaviyo for marketing touchpoints
  4. Complex Klaviyo events allowing Cannabis Warehouse to educate and nurture pharmacies throughout the ordering process

Hosted on AWS, with monitoring and server maintenance managed by us, we've seen an incredible, but unsurprising 100% uptime in the past 2 months.


The results and support for the platform has been incredible.

Over 280 pharmacies are now using the platform since it's launch a year ago, which has generated over $1.3m in sales.

With the current trend and current development both planned and in progress, Cannabis Warehouse is expecting to see a massive increase in sales in the next 12 months.

The platform has seen zero downtime with multiple deployments since going live, expanding on the already incredible platform.

"Pixel are easily the most pleasant and reliable development team I have had the pleasure of working with. We needed a secure site for a highly regulated product and industry, and the team at Pixel has excelled in delivery. From Cannabis Warehouse Australia, we are thankful for all of the incredible work the team have done."

Dima Gouralnik


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